In the era of digital disruption,
our digital solutions help businesses evolve.




Our skilled team of developers will help your company achieve it’s goals through software solutions. A dedicated team will be devoted to you and your product and will work together with your team. 

Our expertise in a wide variety of technologies and communication processes makes AppX the perfect partner for your software development needs.




Unlock hidden value within your organization and be at the forefront of your field. The rise of new technologies and consumer demands forces businesses into not just thinking digital, but becoming digital.

At AppX, we analyze and help you rethink business processes, develop new platforms, apps, processes and apply Business Intelligence solutions to your organization.




Never-ending adaptation is the core of IT. Having an IT consultant by your side is vital: define digital strategies, discover the right tech to solve your business problems and steer your company in the right direction.

We bring you the elements you need to empower your business with a digital ecosystem that will integrate with your workforce and current business processes. For each of our individual services we offer solutions from strategy all the way to implementation.




Digital presence is crucial for any business to reach potencial clients. A finely crafted digital marketing strategy is needed to cut through the crowd and get relevant conversion rates. 

Our digital marketing team will work together with you in planning and developing a digital marketing strategy, together with our design, video and photography teams.






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