Every business can be a digital business.

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What is digital transformation .

Most companies nowadays face a common challenge: harnessing the power of the digital world to become more efficient, relevant and competitive. Digital transformation challenges you to rethink current business processes and reshape customer experiences with a strong focus on the development of digital platforms.

Efforts to become a customer-oriented, digitally powered business is no longer an option for most companies, but rather a must.

Every successful company will one day be a digital company.

“Digital transformation closes the gap between what digital customers already expect and what analog businesses actually deliver.”

Greg Verdino .

digital transformation statistics

55% of Startups .

Already adopted a digital business strategy.

digital transformation statistics

92% of Businesses .

Say that they will implement intelligent automation systems in the following year

82% of Businesses .

Are seeing measurable business Return On Investment (ROI) from digital finance investments.

digital transformation statistics

87% of global organizations .

Feel that digital transformation is a future-proof opportunity.

How to transform your organization .

Every digital transformation is different and requires a profound analysis of your organization, its processes, workforce, and individual needs. The consumer’s experience is another variable to take into account; digital consumers already have a certain degree of expectations on what a digital experience should be. Sometimes meeting those expectations requires changes in the way your organization operates internally.

AppX follows a very transparent an communicative approach alongside you in choosing the best paths to select and develop what, in our view, are the right digital products for your company.


Through several meetings and analysis, our team develops a requirements specification including single or multiplatform solutions that will fit your business needs.


Our software development and design team develops the solution in continuous collaboration from your team to ensure optimal integration with current processes.


Integrating the solution into your current business processes usually requires our team to work in even closer contact during the first months to ensure a smooth transition. You can expect fast maintenance times and hands-on support.

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