AppX IT Consulting services. Our areas of expertise.

What we deliver .

With AppX IT Consulting services, technology professionals help clients solve their critical information and technology challenges. For all our areas of expertise, we deliver a solution from strategy to implementation. 

We will help you lead in the markets you operate.

appx information structure design it consulting

Information Structure Design .

Information is at the core of any software application, and it’s structure defines the solution scalability and future maintenance costs. Well specified and structured databases lead to easily iterable software solutions with lower maintenance costs. Our IT Consulting services will ensure the product you develop has a solid data struture.

appx software requirements specification

Software Requirements Specification .

Specification documents are needed to plan, project and sometimes sell a software solution to a final end client. For large scale projects, they become critical. At AppX, we  are experienced in developing full specification documents including technologies, information structure and UX.

appx business intelligence

Business Intelligence .

Capture and analyze information from your current business data and get relevant insights to craft new strategies and support decision making. With AppX custom developed solutions, we are able to turn raw data into meaningful information about your business and bring it right into the dashboard.

appx artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence .

Step up your digital solutions with AI powered tools for your company. From predictive analysis to business task automation, our team is experienced in artificial intelligent and machine learning solutions. Our IT Consulting services will help you choose the right tools to transform your business. Welcome to the future.

appx cloud and servers it consulting

Cloud and Private Servers .

We provide full server and cloud infrastructure configuration and maintenance, with custom applications, web services and security features. Our team is specialized in the management of web, email and authentication servers. All configuration is done by hand and tested in your server environment.

appx server security it consulting

Server security .

Data is the fundamental asset of any digital business. It is important to keep every database safely stored in secure servers, together with correctly configured applications to keep everything safe. We analyze and configure private servers to fix security vulnerabilities.

Your business. Empowered .