The Corpo Nacional de Escutas (CNE) is the largest scouts organization in Portugal, with around 72,000 members. It is a non-profit association with 90 years of history, aimed at training young people and at the volunteering of its members.

In order to train its leaders, the CNE developed a complex training methodology, with several
phases that needed the intervention of different users, and with mandatory participation in training sessions that take place across the country.

Challenge .

Before the digital transformation, the entire training course was managed manually through
physical documentation. This method was decentralized, complex, highly prone to human error and to loss of information, and allowed inconsistencies between the different regions of the country.

Close to the edge of what was possible to manage with the manual method, and in order to
centralize information, bring regions closer together and maintain a historical record of all
activities, the need arose for a platform to support and manage the entire training course. For this reason, the CNE got in touch with AppX and throughout several meetings there was an opportunity to create a functional specification of the platform that was developed.

Being a platform for multiple types of users of various age groups, and some of them less used to technological solutions, special care was taken with the possibility of task delegation and
upload of common physical documents.

Given the importance of ensuring interchangeability between the classic method and the new digital method introduced by the platform, an automatic report production feature was implemented, which mirrors the old documentation that was the core of the classic management process.


National scope

It is possible to manage courses and training sessions in all regions of the country from any location.

Geographic flexibility

All trainees can enroll in training sessions outside their area, without compromising or increasing the complexity of managing their process.

Process rules

All of the rules in the adult training manual are included in the solution, ensuring that all participants comply with them in the same way.

Assiduity assurance

Digital management of the process ensures that all managers regularly participate in continuous training in order to maintain qualifications.


Among other features, we present those that distinguish the developed solution from other alternatives:

Simplified information

The solution we developed, in addition to being the central core of the management of all information, allows each of the stakeholders to view and manage their information and perform their tasks in a simplified way.

At all times, the trainee can consult the status of their course on the platform through an explanatory flowchart. If you have any pending tasks, you are notified accordingly.

Management of courses and training sessions

The platform allows you to manage all courses and training sessions. Each of these modules has a flow of actions with specific timings, which are presented in a simple and intuitive way, allowing an immediate awareness of the various phases.

Embedded forms

Throughout the training process, there is a need to monitor training through self-assessment forms filled out by the candidate, with automatic analysis of results and visual representation of the candidate’s profile.

Following this self-assessment, it is possible to define training goals and objectives also through the platform.

Integrated payments

Participation in training sessions and courses may require a payment, which can be done through the platform to simplify administrative procedures.

Automatic and intuitive reporting

The export of physical reports identical to those used so far makes it possible to bridge the gap between the new digital solution and previous methods.

Tech solution.

The solution is based on a web platform with a front-end developed in React.js, a back-end developed in Node.js and a MySQL database. This solution was developed with the awareness that it would be used by thousands of users, each one with a distinct role, with special care being taken with the optimization of the platform, namely in the choice of lightweight technologies in its development.

Solution impact.

With the development of this solution, the CNE digitally transformed a complex and time-consuming process, opened the doors for the implementation of continuous training and now allows greater synergy between the different regions of the country, allowing enrollment of trainees in training sessions and courses outside its region.

All this is now done without increasing the complexity of managing the entire process. This would not be possible without this digital solution, that allowed for a new set of possibilities for the CNE.