Digital products developed by AppX span through a large variety of industries and markets.

Accommodation .

AppX has developed an accommodation booking web solution for an important competitor in Portugal (Inlife Portugal). The solution included an automated intelligent recommendation system, automatic room and house management, deep usage statistics and is, overall, a very complete project with thousands of active users.

A business management platform.

Creating incredible products for our clients.

Food Delivery .

AppX has developed a mobile app solution for a new and promising food delivery brand based in Lisbon, Portugal. The app allows the user to order different dishes, customize them and track order progress in realtime until delivery. The project already counts with thousands of active users.

Education .

AppX has a relevant and enduring presence in the education sector. One of our biggest projects was developed together with an important University in Lisbon (ISCTE), consisting of a web platform that allows academics, students and companies to connect. Professionals get to challenge the academic world with problems they face, and students and teachers present solutions through their own research.

Events .

AppX has proved experience in events and conference solutions: custom websites, attendees registration, real-time teams management checkin and meals control via mobile app, management via backoffice with relevant statistics and other custom tailored features for each use case. We already powered 5 distinct events, and counting.

"AppX revealed creativity and a greater capacity for adaptation and problem solving."

Vanda Simões

Education management services at ISCTE

Sports .

AppX solutions are present in the sports market as well. PadelBox is a company with the aim of making a difference in the portuguese Padel scene. They organize the largest Padel competitions in the country and bring users together to play the sport, reaching thousands of users per year. All digital. All powered by AppX.

"Allowed us to reach a whole new level of quality and robustness of our digital platform."

Rui Pimenta

CEO PadelBox

Case Studies .