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Long term Development & Maintenance

Sports competition platform: PadelBox.

Since 2019, AppX is evolving and maintaining a web and mobile platform
for a Sports Competition. The app tracks the game results, integrates
competition payments and allows communication between the teams.

Tech Stack:

“I’m satisfied with our investment because their team’s working on ways to save us time through the app.”

Rui Pimenta
CEO PadelBox

Design & Development

Event management platform.

AppX designed and developed an event management platform for an education client. The platform was complemented with an app for the public to access all information about the event.

Tech Stack:

node js software development

“Being responsible for both the design and the development allowed us to create a more cohesive and effecient solution.”

Manuel Oliveira
Responsible for the project at AppX

Long term Development & Maintenance

Worldwide room renting platform: Inlife .

AppX developed and is maintaining since 2019 an worldwide room renting platform with thousands of users in over 50 countries. The platform includes complete landlord and tenant management, payments, email marketing, among other features.

Tech Stack:

node js software development

“AppX has been an excellent technological partner for INLIFE. Professionalism, agility and the ability to respond quickly to our needs are the qualities that stand out the most.”

Manuel Andrade
Head of Finance & DX at Inlife


Mobile App for Entertainment Company: APPYSHOT.

AppX designed and developed a Mobile App for an Entertainment Company. It’s a party group game, with integrated subscription and in-app purchases. Reached 7th place on the entertainment category of the App Store.

Tech Stack:

node js software development

“We were really impressed with how their team took care of our project as if it was their own.”

Vasco Loureiro

Design & Development

Gamified App for ISCTE-IUL.

AppX designed and developed a mobile app together with a multi-platform solution to support a big scale event on one of the biggest universities in Portugal. The app integrated in real-time with TV’s spread around the campus, to give users all the needed information at any given time!

Tech Stack:

“Very relevant technical support and excellent readiness. Being aware that organizations are made by people, I wanted to highlight the human value that characterizes all the elements of AppX.”

Pedro Sebastião

Design & Development

Client Loyalty Platform.

AppX, together with “A Mercearia”, designed and developed a client loyalty platform for an international animal health company, Virbac. The solution is now being used in dozens of stores around the country and manages hundreds of clients.

Tech Stack:

node js software development

“The solution we developed was intended to replace an existing solution. Therefore, our biggest concern and challenge was to ensure a smooth transition for the client teams and without interruption of service”

Pedro Romano
Responsible for the project at AppX

Design & Development

Network Marketing Solution for Youbiz Telecom.

AppX designed and developed a network marketing management solution for Youbiz Telecom. With the solution, the client is able to easy calculate and manage comission trees, clients and payments. The developed solution gave the client a ~1.000% boost in comission tree calculation speeds in comparison with the previous solution.

Tech Stack:

node js software development

“Appx has an enormous capacity to respond to all the proposed challenges. Thank you for your rigor, quality, professionalism, reliability and seriousness.”

Pedro Vacas
Marketing and Communications Manager at Youbiz

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