Inlife introduces a new approach to renting houses for students and professionals in Portugal. They believe that the solutions currently available based only on photographs, some videos and generic descriptions are often unable to meet customer expectations and lead to decisions without certainty or confidence that can result in disappointment.

To support this approach, it would be necessary to develop a customized solution, adapted to business rules. That is why we were contacted by Inlife.

Challenge .

The client defined a digital-first strategy in the way it approaches clients with its services, entirely based on digital platforms.

Inlife has developed two innovative services: Housing Trip and My Inlife Advisor. While the first service is based on a tour to visit apartments, the second introduces a personal assistant (advisor) that provides manual recommendations for houses based on the criteria entered by the user and the possibility of making virtual visits by video call.

AppX worked with Inlife to develop digital solutions that support both services.


The solution involved the development of two applications: a web application for the end customer and a backoffice for the Inlife team to manage the entire rental process. Being a totally digital product, all interaction and the entire process is done through the platform: scheduling visits, changing dates, notifying landlords, online payments, among others.

Inlife has an extensive database created by the team, which had to be integrated with the new platform.


Smart Recommendations

To take full advantage of the information available in the database, an advanced search algorithm and intelligent recommendation system based on Elastic Search was implemented.

The fast and precise response enabled by this technology results in a huge time and resources optimization for the Inlife team, since the house options are assigned automatically.

Real-time communication

Direct contact with the user, and personalization of the digital service are the key points of the platform. Therefore, an integrated communication system was developed to allow advisors to contact users in real time and accompany them in the visit and reservation processes.

Integrated payments

For greater convenience and security when purchasing services or when booking houses, the system is integrated with an online shopping system by credit card or PayPal.

Directed to the international market, the solution integrates with the main payment methods used throughout the world.


Inlife’s team works daily to recommend homes, support users via the chat integrated in the platform and analyze business statistics. The backoffice solution allows the management of the entire infrastructure and supports the work of all teams.

Tech solution.

The platform was developed using the latest Web technologies. Javascript-based technologies such as Angular JS and Node.js were used, along with Amazon services for data persistence.

Solution impact.

These digital services were released in 2019 and already have thousands of users worldwide. Many of them have already found their new accommodation in Portugal.

Inlife is positive about the way the digitization of its services has enabled the business to grow, reach the public more easily and directly, and to fill the market gap with a service capable of transmitting greater confidence and awareness to the user about the space they’re going to rent.

An excellent technological partner for INLIFE.

Manuel Andrade

Head of Finance & DX at Inlife

AppX has been an excellent technological partner for INLIFE. Professionalism, agility and the ability to respond quickly to our needs are the qualities that stand out the most.