AppX is the technological partner of one of the largest jewelry brands in Portugal: Woo’s Pure Feelings. With hundreds of distributors in Portugal and 4 stores in the major shopping centers in Lisbon and Cascais, Woo’s considers that the time has come to go online.

E-commerce Solution.

As a starting point for a successful bet in the online market, AppX has developed a complete e-commerce solution with Woo’s style and audience in mind. The online store is open to the public, making it possible for any customer to explore the online catalog, the brand concept and order their favorite piece of jewelry.

The entire online store was designed to provide the customer with an “experience”, with great
simplicity in interaction and emphasizing brand empathy.

Stock synchronization

To enable the platform to function autonomously, an integration was made with Woo’s internal stock management system.

This way, consumers are confident of the availability of what they are purchasing and Woo’s will reduce maintenance costs of the online store.

Jewelry customization

One of the main aspects of the brand is the personalization and creation of new pieces of jewelry through the combination of necklaces, medals and pendants.

This way, in addition to the usual purchases, the online store also focuses on creating new pieces of jewelry through the “Create your own” feature.

Complete catalogue
with new product photographs

In order to ensure that the complete catalogue would be made available at launch, a package of product photographs was also created with the brand’s new collections.

The photos were taken with state of the art professional equipment, and careful post-production was done to maintain consistency with the already existing product photographs.

E-mail marketing.

To complement the developed e-commerce solution, AppX also proposed that an investment be made in a set of email marketing campaigns to complement and reinforce the online store as a way to reach customers and boost engagement.

In addition to promoting the store, birthday campaigns were developed as well as specific campaigns for best buyers and to recover absent customers.

Special interfaces were developed for the kiosk teams to be able to register customers in the newsletter.

Social Media.

The digital marketing work was complemented by strong campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, which were optimized with the development of personalized designs and motion graphics. These campaigns drastically increased the public’s engagement on social networks and revealed to be a strong conversion channel for the online store.

Solution impact.

After implementing all aspects of the solution, there was a clear increase in the volume of online sales, both in the number of orders and in revenue. As the Web is a direct sales channel with lower intermediate costs when compared to traditional commerce, this growth in revenue is even more valuable for Woo’s.

These results were predicted, since the e-commerce solution that existed previously was not optimized and revealed great gaps in terms of catalogue and ease of use. AppX believes that, with persistence and constant adaptation to the market, these results may be even greater.

E-commerce statistics


Year-Over-Year growth in revenue


Year-Over-Year growth in sales